Sierra 55gr hpbt load data

This is our method to get consistent results. It took us many months to prep all the brass to get to the point we could test. We have been using White Oak Armament uppers for near 6 years now. This is our 2nd one. Both do consistent sub MOA groups with a myriad of loads. We like the Predator profile better with the carbon fiber handguard. Its much lighter than the regular Varmint profile and we do not see any noticeable degradation in accuracy.

The only thing we don't like is the comp on the end is for a because the threading profile. We did NOT test every bullet with every powder, because its pointless. You "could" use Accurate or Hodgdon Benchmark with 77 grain bullets, but why would you do that when you could use Varget or 10 others that are far better?

So using the faster powders and 77's you will not be able to get the velocity of the slower powders such as Accurate And why would you want to use a load that is significantly slower velocity with the same accuracy?

You wouldn't. You would use the slower powder that is same accuracy and higher velocity, because that will be less affected by wind. Full length sized, and they are prepped by chamfering the opening for consistency across the lot. All prepped and ready to load. All have very similar internal capacity.

Yes, each one was measured. We sorted through over 8, pieces to get the case capacity and weight within our specifications for each test. These are probably the best "value" match grade bullets you can buy and very popular for many uses. Many powders tested with this. We we used these on many powders to test.

Many powders we tested loads of this as well. Its a very popular bullet with excellent performance. White Oak Armament 20" Predator Twist. Click Powder Picture for summary information on each one. Remember please, the results do not "prove" X powder is more accurate than "Y" powder in "your" gun. The purpose of the site is to create a "reference" to help you select a powder and a suitable charge "area" to get your desired results. What is more accurate for us, might not be for you.

Accuracy aside, in a 20" barrel, it is logical to assume the velocity achieved with these loads will be at least comparable to a 20" barrel you use. Not exact, comparable. This gives you an idea of where to start to get your desired velocity result faster.

Other Reviews.Click image to get latest PDF. Sierra Bullets has recently released load data for the 6mm Creedmoor cartridgea necked-down version of the 6. Sierra has released very comprehensive 6mm Creedmoor load datacovering fifteen 15 different bullets from 55 to grains. Hand-loaders using Lapua 6. After the 6mm Creedmoor demonstrated its worth at yards it began to catch the attention of Precision Rifle Series PRS competitors. It delivers velocities very similar to the. Slightly faster powders such as RE, Winand Vihtavuori N work well with lighter weight bullets.

In developing its 6mm Creedmoor load dataSierra tested a very wide selection of propellants, two dozen overall.

Sierra did a very thorough job. We know this information will be welcomed by 6mm Creedmoor shooters. If you are seeking max velocity with the grainer, look at Hodgdon Superformance and Reloder There are a half-dozen other tables for lighter-weight bullets.

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You may not reproduce original text or photos without advanced permission in writing. Guns of the Week. Articles Archive. BLOG Archive. Competition Info. Varmint Pages. FREE Targets.For rifles, the 55 grain Hollow Point Boat Tail bullet has been designed for the shooter who prefers the rapid expansion characteristics of the hollow point design. This bullet delivers devastating expansion on varmints and small game, and in many rifles it routinely delivers match-grade accuracy, which are vital considerations for long-range varmint shooting.

The large, open point makes this a very dependable bullet for all 22 centerfire cartridges, except the very smallest where case capacity limits muzzle velocities with 55 grain bullets.

In handguns, this Hollow Point Boat Tail 55 grain bullet with its cavernous opening can be used for short-range varmint shooting in handguns chambering the Remington or larger cartridges. Your wishlist is empty. View Wishlist. Cart Cart 0. The was introduced in Product added to wishlist.

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.223 Remington - Manufacturer Loading Data

Sectional Density 0. Related products. Sold out. Quickview 9 MM 90 GR. JHP 90 Gr. Be sure that the handgun cartridge for which you are loading uses. The 90 grain was originally introduced in the hollow cavity JHC design inbut the design was changed in to the current hollow point JHP to enhance feeding in semi-auto pistols. Sierra's Power Jacket with skives enhances expansion in varmints at handgun velocities.Create an Account.

Reloading for my Tikka .223 Rem roe deer hunting rifle. Part 1.

Wolfe Publishing Group. Become a Load Data member. Forgot Your Password? The Ultimate Reloading Manual. With our load data you can search by caliber, bullet weight, powder, powder manufacturer or a combination of all four. Search overloads! Metallic Search Shotgun Search Metallic.

Projectile Weight:.

Cast or Jacketed:. All Jacketed Cast. Powder Type:. Gauge: - ANY. Power Piston R12H Rem. SP Win. WAA12 Win. WAA12L see remarks see remarks. BPGS see remarks B. Multi Metal see remarks B. Ranger see remarks B. Ranger Plus see remarks B. Champion 12C1 Fed. Champion 12C2 Fed. Pushin Cushion 12S1 Fed. S3 Fio. BPD10 One B. BP12 Tuff One B. Ranger Plus One B. STS One B. RP12 One Rem. SP10 One Rem. SP10 with petals removed One Rem.Your wishlist is empty.

View Wishlist. Cart Cart 0. Product categories. Sold out. Product added to wishlist. It features an exceptionally heavy full metal jacket with a cannelure properly located for crimping and positive feeding.

This is an excellent bullet for hunting varmints and small game where pelts are to be preserved. It should be loaded to medium velocities for this purpose. In handguns of 22 caliber, this is a non-expanding bullet that will minimize damage to pelts as well as meat in small game.

It is best used at medium handgun velocities to prevent tumbling upon impact. It is an ideal choice for the trapper or pelt hunter with a handgun in a 22 centerfire caliber. The was introduced in SBT 55 Gr. The spitzer boat tail design provides exceptional accuracy and a flat trajectory. The high ballistic coefficient of this bullet provides less sensitivity to crosswinds and vertical winds and greater retained velocity and energy downrange.

It is an excellent choice for most 22 centerfire cartridges but is at its best in theSwift, and similar high-velocity cartridges. For target shooting purposes this 55 grain spitzer boat tail has been surpassed by the heavier MatchKing bullets in 22 caliber, but in many rifles it delivers match-grade accuracy.

For handguns, because it has the Sierra high velocity construction, this bullet is too "hard" to be recommended for hunting applications. However, it features the famous Sierra accuracy and is certainly an excellent choice for long-range accuracy under all conditions.

If a boat tail bullet with extremely high accuracy fits your needs for target shooting, then this bullet should be your choice. HPBT 55 Gr. This bullet delivers devastating expansion on varmints and small game, and in many rifles it routinely delivers match-grade accuracy, which are vital considerations for long-range varmint shooting.

The large, open point makes this a very dependable bullet for all 22 centerfire cartridges, except the very smallest where case capacity limits muzzle velocities with 55 grain bullets. In handguns, this Hollow Point Boat Tail 55 grain bullet with its cavernous opening can be used for short-range varmint shooting in handguns chambering the Remington or larger cartridges.

This bullet is built with Sierra's high velocity design and is capable of extremely high accuracy. SBT 62 Gr. Capable of outstanding accuracy, this bullet can be an excellent choice for varmints and small game in many early 22 centerfire rifles, which have slower twist rates than those commonly used today.

The Semi-Point shape reduces bullet length for a given weight, making the bullet easier to stabilize. The penalty is that a Semi-Pointed bullet has a lower ballistic coefficient than a Spitzer-pointed bullet of the same weight. This bullet can also be used in modern rifles with faster twist rates. In handguns, because of the velocity constraints caused by short barrels, the primary usefulness of a semi-point bullet design is in cases where the twist rate may not be adequate to produce the best accuracy with a spitzer bullet.

The relative shortness of the semi-point design can improve bullet stabilization and accuracy. This bullet will not give explosive expansion at longer ranges, but due to the wide jacket opening and generous exposed lead tip can be useful at shorter ranges for fur bearers whose pelts are to be preserved.

Quickview 6MM.I believe Remington is one of the more underappreciated cartridges on the market. Sure, the industry sells a boat load of it.

Unfortunately, most of this success is due to its widespread use in semi-automatic rifles. The Remington is historically known as an accurate round in bolt action rifles.

.223 Remington

I recently purchased a Ruger American Rifle in Remington and was impressed with its accuracy especially at its low price. In this post we are going to take a look at ten different loads I developed with 3 different bullets using Hodgdon Varget powder. I selected Varget because, like H, I use a lot of it.

sierra 55gr hpbt load data

While there are number of exceptional powders for Remington, Varget is a no brainer when you have a lot of it. Starline has been in the brass business for a while, but their push into the world of traditional rifle brass is noteworthy.

This makes Starline a great value. I viewed this session as a chance to clean up my inventory of bullets and finish off some open boxes I had laying around. They are only safe in the rifle shown and may not be safe in yours. Consult appropriate load manuals prior to developing your own handloads. It is important to note that these loads were developed in a bolt action rifle and not a semi automatic rifle.

All shooting was done at yards with a bipod and rear bag. Muzzle velocity data was recorded with a MagnetoSpeed V3 barrel mounted ballistic chronograph.

Five shot group sizes ranged from. I was impressed by how well the loads worked in such an inexpensive factory rifle. Starline brass, Sierra Bullets and Varget are available at Brownells!

sierra 55gr hpbt load data

Reload long enough and you start to appreciate the little things that work well, in this case your powder funnel. Most reloaders, including us, start off with some sort of plastic powder funnel.This article is intended for handloaders who have experience reloading for their bolt-action rifles and now want to handload for an AR-style semiautomatic rifle.

A lot of you are out there, and I, myself, fell into this category not so long ago. We need to get one thing straight.

Developing safe and reliable handloads in a bolt-action rifle is less complicated than it is for a gas-operated autoloader. Because burning propellant has only one purpose in a bolt gun—to propel the bullet out of the barrel. The shooter provides the power to cycle the bolt, extract the empty case, and feed another round. In fact, if all of the propellant gas exits the muzzle i. Some of the gas is diverted—before the bullet exits the barrel—to actuate a piston, carrier, or operating rod.

sierra 55gr hpbt load data

Like a bolt gun, an AR has hard physical features, but the design and operation are more complex. In either a bolt action or an AR, the chamber and bore may be cut tight or loose. The gas port in a piston-operated AR is also fixed but may incorporate a size adjustment feature. In either AR action type, the buffer spring can be replaced to vary the spring rate over a limited range.

Depending on the pressure curve generated when firing a round, an AR may or may not function satisfactorily. They have to operate the gun safely and reliably before you can begin to evaluate their ballistic performance downrange. My experience shows, generally speaking, the faster-burn-rate choices work better with bullets weighing up to 60 grains.

Compressed charges of slower-burn-rate propellants are more compatible with loading heavier bullets. I chose two of my favorite Rem. I also ran the numbers on my Powley computer and was surprised when it indicated IMR and IMR were the preferred choices for lighter weight bullets. I also built some specialty Rem.

More about them later. I had about pieces of Lake City LC 5. Many reviews state that military cases are heavier than commercial brass. Reloading Rem. First, almost all military and some commercial rounds have crimped-in primers.

The decapping pin in the sizing die may not be stout enough to knock these out without being damaged, so deprime them before resizing using a special die expressly made for this task. Next, remove the residual rim of brass around the pocket. Special tools are made just for this purpose.


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