Stl tones ilok

Sonny Truelove, the lead developer behind STL Tonesknown for fantastic sounding guitar profiles, has a new plug-in available. It features a very versatile tracing amplifier, along with a tremendous sounding collection of amp profiles. As we have come to expect from top of the line guitar processing plug-ins, there is also a very nuanced cabinet section, including controls for mic placement and filtering.

A very tasty collection of stompboxes, effects, and EQ, optimized to work well with guitars, rounds out the plug-in beautifully. I had a studio session recently and had a chance to put it to work on a guitar-heavy arrangement. In addition to a fabulous collection of factory profiles, I also had the new David Bendeth preset pack to work with, expanding the tones available exponentially.

In this video, see and hear ToneHub at work on the multiple guitar tracks we recorded during the session. The factory presets, along with the David Bendeth preset pack, are used to shape the tones, ranging from clean to aggressive.

Hear how the stomp, amp, cabinet, equalizer, and effects sections tailor the sound of the tracing amp. This one authentically captures the feel and sound of the various amps, cabinets, mics, and effects used as the inspiration for the presets.

stl tones ilok

It was a pleasure to mix after the session. The guitar tracks fit nicely, requiring nothing more than a bit of compression and some EQ here and there. And he confirmed what I surmised from his playing, that it was a pleasure to track his parts through these sounds. He used a Telecaster and a Les Paul, plugged directly into the high Z input on my audio interface. ToneHub did the rest.

Apple Certified Pro Eli Krantzberg is an internationally known author and music software trainer for Groove3. About the author… Apple Certified Pro Eli Krantzberg is an internationally known author and music software trainer for Groove3.Our bundles are designed to get you exactly what you need to be creative in the studio at a discount for the budget conscious.

Designed for the ultimate mixing speed - these plugins will totally transform your workflow and optimize the way you make mixing decisions. Looking for mix critiques from Joey himself?

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Tutorial - How To Use The iLok License Manager Software

Contact Us. Howard Benson Vocals. Total Control for Vocal Dynamics. Check out some of our favorites below. Apr 15, Apr 14, Apr 13, Featured collection View all. View all 8 products. Apr 11, Apr 08, Studio Pass.Sincethe iLok License Manager software has been at the core of how we manage the iLok licenses, that protect a lot of the software we buy.

This article and the video from Avid cover how to use the iLok License Manager software to manage for iLok licenses. Once you have downloaded and installed the iLok License Manager software you will need to sign into your iLok account in the cloud.

You will need to install the free iLok License Manager on each computer, and you can download it from the iLok website. Go to the iLok website. Complete the form, being very careful to get all the details, especially your email address, User ID and password correct, otherwise, you will not be able to access your account.

Take care to set up the verification process carefully as you will need this information if you change your email address and you have forgotten your iLok user id and password, to regain access to your iLok account. Creating a new account will not give you access to your old account and you will end up with multiple accounts, which is not recommended.

The Account View shows you your licenses and the grid is customizable. You can right-click on the table header to choose which columns are shown. You can dynamically sort the list of licenses by clicking on a column header and even drag the columns to rearrange them. Your registered iLoks will appear in the Locations list on the left of your screen.

The list includes offline iLoks registered to your account and all currently plugged in iLoks. Black icons indicate a plugged in location, grey icons indicate offline. You can still see what is on the offline iLoks, making it easier for you to manage your license inventory. Each license has a detail pane which gives you important information about the license and the software publisher. If the detail pane is hidden, click the "Show Details" button.

You may also start Activate, Deactivate and License Transfer operations from the detail pane. Licenses in unlocked groups can be split up - some group members can be on an iLok while others from the same unlocked group are still in your account or on a different iLok.

When you drag a member from a group, you will see just one license move if it is from an unlocked group, or all members of the group move if it is a license from a locked group.

For an iLok license to work to be activated the license needs to be transferred from your iLok account in the cloud onto an iLok plugged into your computer. There are 2 main ways you can do this…. When activating a license to an iLok, the iLok must be plugged into your computer for the operation to be successful.

You can transfer licences between different iLoks. This service is free for any iLoks you own within one account on iLok. Now you can combine those multiple licences onto one iLok, or organise your plug-ins on different iLoks.

For example, I have two iLoks, one for my studio machine and one for my laptop when I am on the road. To transfer licences between your own iLoks, first, make sure your iLoks are plugged into USB ports on your computer and then run the iLok License Manager application. You can move licenses in one of two ways: You can drag and drop or you can use the "move license" button.

Be aware that the source and destination iLoks need to be registered to the same account and both plugged into the same computer for this to work. Transferring licences between different accounts also known as transfer of ownership is a very similar process to transferring within your own account and is great if you want to buy and sell any plug-ins from other users.

It is handled securely by iLok. Buying and selling iLok protected software is not without its pitfalls. We recommend you check 3 articles on this before you start buying and selling iLok protected software.Messages: Likes Received: Anyone try it yet?

Haven't seen a post about this. Yeah wondering the same. I don't get how the plugin uses the axe and Kemper packs. Like I'm guessing it doesn't contain any of the amp Sims of the axe so it just gets a tone that's somewhat close?

stl tones ilok

They did a horrible job marketing this. PuriPuriPrisonerMar 15, Masoo2 and ryanougrad like this. Messages: 5, Likes Received: 2, There's no demo until the introduction pricing ends sometime next month which is just beyond dumb.

Its just relying on current Kemper pack buyers and amp sims users to buy and then market it which has failed entirely to kick off. They are raving about it on the STL facebook group though and there's been some good clips uploaded. Lorcan WardMar 15, Messages: 4, Likes Received: Oh boy, another plugin with tons of extra crap to buy. No thanks. This seems like Positive Grid pt. JeffMar 15, Masoo2 and mikah like this. The released the demo for this after a bit of persuasion and keep the introduction pricing.

If you don't iLok activation then getting it installed will annoy you but its easy enough to get through. I wasn't digging the core pack it comes with so downloaded a trial of the Lasse Lammert pack. Straight away I'm getting some really good tones, better than what I have in my current projects anyway. It reminds me of the Kemper but with more tweak ability.

STL Tonality Howard Benson v1.2.0 [WiN]

I've only tested it briefly but it sounds like a winner. Lorcan WardMar 25, Messages: 1, Likes Received: 1, Well this sounds good, which is weird because I hated their previous plugins. Pricing is still something I don't like.

But it's still too processed and polished like it's post produced, which is a matter of taste but an easy way to album like post processed tones.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts.

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Whats the best amp-sim plug-ins? Thread starter Djenter Start date Dec 20, Djenter Inspired. Other than STL tonality, anything else that sounds good?

stl tones ilok

Aax must be an option. If such an option isnt part of the software then I would be highly skeptical.

STL Tonehub

Check Neural DSP stuff if you haven't already. NightWalker Power User. S-Gear is nice. SacredGroove Member. If you like Marshall and Soldano, check out Nembrini Audio.STL ToneHub is an expansive plug-in platform that hosts guitar and bass preset packs from the biggest names in the music industry. No longer do you need the comparable hardware units to get access to incredible sounds. Get hardware-class sounds without the hardware. The core amplifier behind the scenes of the ToneHub plug-in, is the incredibly powerful Tracing Amplifier.

We spent over 2 years designing this amplifier from the ground up, to not only be able to capture the precise characteristics of the huge variety of hardware amplifiers in todays market, but also have the important real-feel when plugging in and playing. The ToneHub audio core is based on a hybrid engine, combining STL proprietary Tracing Technology and analog modeling at its finest to get the most accurate sounding snapshot of a guitar or bass chain, from pedals to amps, cabs, mics and preamps with the possibility to change the settings maintaining an impressive degree of realism.

This is an unprecedented leap in algorithm advancement. The parametric parts of the rigs within ToneHub are analog modeled, meaning you can tweak the controls and maintain the exact behavior of the original device. Changing the Gain control will not just increase the signal going inside the amplifier, but it will change the frequency dependent gain structure according to the circuit of the amp that was Traced.

Tonestack controls, and even microphone positions in the numerous presets you can find in every pack are set as in the real chain during the Tracing process, which means you can adjust them and refine your tone, experiencing the same behavior you would expect from the real rig instead of a coarse approximation.

Additional Bias and Sag controls help you get the correct poweramp feel by changing the headroom and dynamic response of the virtual circuit. We team up with some of the worlds biggest artists and producers to bring you their signature guitar and bass tones from their most iconic work. Stay tuned as new ToneHub preset packs are released every month! When purchasing the ToneHub plugin, you can choose 1 free preset pack from our current roster.

Add the pack of your choice before checking out. Expand your tone by diving into the Effects Module of ToneHub. STL Tones advanced modeling lets you customize your time base effects, along with modulation for more depth and feel. With an extended frequency range, you can add air and sheen.

Featuring classic Hi-Pass and Lo-Pass controls, paired with 36dB excursion Hi-Shelf and Lo-Shelf filters in addition to two fully parametric peak controls with adjustable bandwidth, whether you need tone shaping or surgical equalization, this module allows you to craft any type of tone to fit your mix with ease. ToneHub also comes with 60 core presets, absolutely free! Receive your packs instantly via digital download, run the installers, and you're ready to go!

You can also demo the ToneHub preset packs. You can use the Preset Manager within ToneHub to save your own custom presets. So moving forward from the initial preset tone, when adjusting further, the Tracing amp will react like the amp it is modeling. Product names are simply used for the purpose of identifying the hardware chain that was used to create the digital presets.

Menu 0. Advanced Tracing Technology. Hardware-class sounds without the hardware. Compare Hardware vs Tonehub. The Preset Packs. STEP 3 Receive your packs instantly via digital download, run the installers, and you're ready to go!Log in or Sign up. The Gear Page.

Mar 6, 1. Messages: 3, ElricMar 6, PBGas likes this. Mar 6, 2. Messages: BriandressMar 6, Mar 6, 3. Mar 6, 4. Messages: 6, TommyGuitarguitarobert and Elric like this. Mar 6, 5. Mar 6, 6. Messages: 16, STL is geared towards metal yet the profiles I loved from them were their ambient stuff. Perfect for church riffing. JiveTurkeyMar 6, Mar 6, 7. TommyGuitar and Briandress like this.

stl tones ilok


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