Yugo m56 22lr

Remember Me? What's New? Forum Gunboards. Results 1 to 16 of Thread: Smg parts kits values. Join Date Feb Posts Smg parts kits values. Hey gentlemen, years ago I bought some smg kits from Centerfire. They came with mags. Whatever intention I had for them never materialized. I want to move them. If I knocked some off those and included a mag is that a decent deal? Any sale would happen on this trader board. Thats just from one 5 minute search Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements.

Join Date Dec Posts 1, What is the value of an MP40 parts set with multiple mags, a mag pouch, sling and mag loader? How about the value of a parts set with cutts compensator, multiple mags and a 50 round drum?

Zastava M59/66

When did these boards become so sarcastic and hostile? No sarcasm intended, nor hostility I was just answering your questions. Now days, if a fella has Google, he has choices.

yugo m56 22lr

Semi auto builds are fun and worth while, and kits are dwindling with each build. In timelike Stens, they will be well worth the while.Simonov System Self loading Carbine. The domestic Mosin Nagant design in 7. In the early 's a decision was made to concentrate on the Mosin Nagant Dragoon rifle and the 7. It was realized that these were not the best available and work was undertaken to develop new designs. A project was initiated to develop a new semi or selective fire rifle using the standard 7.

Design teams headed by such experienced designers as Fedorov, Tokarev, Degtyarev and others developed new rifles during and a test was held in January of the competing designs. The three mentioned designers produced models which were rated to be the best of the entries. None was considered worthy of adoption. Development continued and in further trials were held but none were found to meet the necessary requirements.

In March of another series of trials was held and again there was no winner. In an entry was submitted by a new designer Sergej G.

yugo m56 22lr

He had begun his gunsmithing career in and had worked as part of Fedorov's team as a machinist before starting to develop his own design about A prototype was ready in but it was rejected for trial as it was considered inferior to existing prototypes from other designers.

This first Simonov used a gas trap at the muzzle, similar in concept to the early production. Simonov continued to work on a better design. The new Simonov used a wedge block and gas piston to actuate the bolt carrier which lowered the wedge to unlock the bolt and the recoil return spring propelled the carrier forward camming the wedge upward from the receiver to lock the bolt for firing.

This rifle was selective fire and introduced features which would develop into the 'definitive" Simonov designthe SKS A 15 round detachable magazine was fitted. This new entry was considered to hold excellent potential and following trials a pre-production batch was ordered so that production engineering could be completed as soon as possible.

Simonov was ordered to help organize production at Izhevsk beginning in In September of a selective fire carbine version the AKSI was developed incorporating a shorter barrel and other refinements.

It failed its trial in April and was rejected. Further test continued in and pitting the Simonov rifle against the Tokarev rifle. The Simonov was considered the better rifle by the Defense Committee and Stalin authorized its production as the AVS 36a selective fire rifle firing the powerful 7.

In10, rifles were made. It is reported that a few were tested in Spain by Soviet personnel in July The M56 is simpler than the MP40, however, and chambered for the 7.

yugo m56 22lr

It is a simple gun to make, but quite awkward to use, and has a remarkable potential to disassemble itself while firing if not assembled correctly. The PK is in many ways an AK rifle action […]. Which is […]. The M38A was highly regarded by Yugoslav technicians in the immediate post-war period, so it is no wonder that they choose it as a model for the the first local SMG to be produced in sizeable numbers.

Both are in museums now. In service it was a popular weapon, even when AKs were introduced vehicle crews prefered it. Well known for accuracy, army used 50 and m qualification ranges instead 50 and m for other SMGs.

I have fired it, and rate of fire is low, recoil negligible and gun is easy to control. Now, to understand M56 you would have to understand Yugoslavian infantry doctrine of the period: 1.

LMG was a king at a squad level. It was considered main squad weapon at a distance German WW2 influence. MGs were considered very important part of platoon and company, there was total of 9 tripod mounted MGs in the company. SMGs were supposed to create maximum amount of fire at short range — expectation was that army would fight vs enemy superior both in technology and firepower, and WW2 partisan experience said that very few things beat SMGs at short distance for an ambush.

Rifles were for non-critical squad members. If needed, SMG armed men would form assault half-section. One sharpshooter per platoon would be issued scoped rifle Kar98k with ZF In fact Degtyaryov designed sub-machine gun yet for 7.

It was found to be unnecessary complicated in production. It was entry for competition of year for sub-machine gun, where there were also 2 sub-machine guns by Tokarev one for 7,62 Nagant cartridge1 by Korovin, 1 by Shpitalny. Best one was judged to be Tokarev pattern for Nagant cartridge, apparently due to lobby of cartridge producers.

None of competitors were adopted by Red Army. Due to stockpile of 7. Neither one was adopted. I read once a mention on this design, but never saw a photo before. In Soviet Union it was devised for vehicle crews. Problems with stock same as on M56 when firing 7. Judged too expensive to produce and dropped. Finally we have semi-auto rifle just in the moment everyone is moving on automatic rifles.

Third automatic rifle trials AK, G-3, Vz. Finally we have AK that could have been introduced almost 15 years earlier. Thanks again for the detailed post, Bojan. Sounds fascinating…. And so on….Remember Me? What's New? Forum Gunboards. Results 1 to 7 of 7. Thread: Yugo m56 9mm smg? Join Date Dec Posts 5, Yugo m56 9mm smg? Anyone think these will ever be built up like uzi's or thompsons as semi-auto's?

I would love one. Has anyone even successfully built one yet froma kit? Did they fire from the open bolt, or closed? If MGS can make kp44s and pps and ppsh's, then shouldn't this be easy? Join Date Dec Location Midwest.

Posts 10, If you really paid attention, you would learn that those semi-auto smg cost about twice what a regular semi-auto AK cost and use inferior cartridge. Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! Watch free live sex cam - easy as Join Date Dec Posts 2, Originally Posted by ij Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. I have two yugo ak's, love them. I also have a norincowhich is one of the best firearms investments I have ever made. It will never loose its value.

And, its cheap to shoot, my wife loves it, and I love it. What have I not 'paid attention' to? I buy what I like. I don't understand the rational that because their is another rifle out their that I should not own a different one.The Yugoslav armament industry started planning the development and production of a new self-made semi-automatic rifle during the s. After observing the superior characteristics of captured Gewehr 41 and Gewehr 43 rifles, the Yugoslavs decided to develop a replacement for the old Zastava M48 rifle.

Later on, the license for an SKS type of rifle was bought from the Soviet Union and in late and the new rifle was presented. This first type was named M There is also a civilian variant with neither bayonet nor the ability to fire rifle grenades. Honour Guard of Kosovo Protection Corps.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Type of Semi-automatic rifle. Youtube, channel Dum Dum in Serbian. Politika in Serbian.

Crvena zastava M56 .22 LR

Retrieved 4 May Bonn International Benter for Conversion. Retrieved 3 September Forum klix. Archived from the original on 25 September Retrieved 25 September Tactical-life in Serbian.

Categories : Zastava Arms Semi-automatic rifles Rifles 7. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Gas-operated tilting bolt.Everitt Dutcher — November 15, :. Nic Stephens — October 14, :.

Amazing gun, both quality and accuracy. Glad I can still get this with tangent sights. CZ if you read these, get the tangent sights back on all the iron sight models. I will gladly pay the additional cost if need be. I especially want them on the full stock!!! Kenneth Myers — August 27, :. T read all Reviews a YouTube. And looked at others like Marlin and Savage. CZ rimfire Rifles are the Best of the Best. I shot it the next day at indoor range to begin break it in ,with Remington Golden bullets ,with iron sites.

Roland Bennett — August 14, :. I just put my trainer through a workout. I added a scope and sighted it in, first group at 25 yd was one hole the size of a cig filter. I did not use match ammo just rem golden hollow points.

I was using a BBC scope and could hit small rocks at yds. I have 17 22 rifles and this is now my fav. Thanks for making a great gun. James Cottrell — August 9, :.

I have a American and a Basic. Place the targets along side each other, you could not tell which one shot them. I take the in the woods to save the nice wood on the Quality made firearms.

Nathaniel Hernandez — March 28, :. I spent more than a year looking at different rifles to buy as my first firearm. I needed a rifle that fired an inexpensive and readily available cartridge, had iron sights, was durable and most importantly inexpensive. Basically I wanted a rifle that can I fire a lot so I could learn iron sight marksmanship. I also wanted to teach my younger brothers 8 and 11 to shoot so a bolt action rifle was a must. I found all of that and more with this rifle in.

The wooden stock is beautiful and the rifle is overall wonderfully made and sturdy. The open sights are excellent and dead on at 25 meters. On the first shooting session me and a cousin put rounds through it. Miller — February 5, :.All Rights Reserved. Built with Volusion. Fairy Merchandise is here! For sale are steel Ammo cans, 50 cal standard size.

Zastava M-56 opis puške (gun review, eng subs)

These are marked either "50 cal" or " ball, rounds". These are in good to excellent condition, warehouse or commercial stored, minimal to no rust, water resistant. Great for ammo storage, conversion into tool boxes and many other projects. Romanian 7. Best bang for the buck in 7.

yugo m56 22lr

Mildly corrosive. By bidding, you acknowledge that you are of proper legal age to buy, use and store this product. Know your local laws. Fresh from the military supply depot's of the Swiss army, surpus Swiss 7. Comes in round packs. Classic Yugoslavian 7.

Classic Russian military surplus ammunition in 5. Comes in classic green SPAM cans. The Fairy lugged this all the way from the former Soviet Union - she had to make several trips, too. This is Yugoslavian 7. Classic Russian Surplus for sale from Fairy Land. Old Soviet 7. No frills here, packed in little paper packages by Olga and friends and sealed up in Spam cans for 40 yrs.

Still goes bang though. Classic Bulgarian Surplus for sale from Fairy Land. This is the best surplus 7. Lot is for one sealed round case.

Lot is for 1x round unopened case.


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